Designing friendly fish


Designing sea creatures part 2:

Designing doesn’t always go smoothly. There are many brick walls, times you’d hit your head against the wall and moments where you keep telling yourself to rework everything. For the friendly, regular fish in Flotsam, I’ve gone through every one of these phases.

These fish don’t affect gameplay as much as other aspects of the game, but they provide a valuable visual addition, as they’re one of the main moving environmental features that tie the mood together. Here’s how I designed a small part of the living environment of Flotsam. (more…)


The Water of Flotsam


In this blog post I will cover the different approaches I took for defining the look of the water in Flotsam. Some attempts worked better than others, and some were just good learning experiences. At the time of writing this, no final decisions have been made regarding what approach will be used: nothing that will be covered in this post is guaranteed to be in the game, but I decided to write up what I’ve learned so far for posterity’s sake.


The Flooded Environment of Flotsam


I’m Stan, the environment artist on Flotsam. In this post I’ll tell you more about the surrounding environment of your town, instead of focusing on the town itself like we did before.

One of the defining aspects of Flotsam is probably the fact that your town is always moving similar to a huge floating island or boat. This makes the game different compared to other city-builders, where you usually have fixed places of interaction, like forests to chop for wood or blue crystals to mine for space dollars. In Flotsam anything interactable is constantly passing you. (more…)


Flotsam’s Character Generator

Flotsam - 3D Characters

As an intern at Pajama Llama, I’ve had the pleasure of being tasked with creating a system for the artists to create characters in Flotsam. Juda-Ben and Stan needed a way to preview and generate different people quickly, by combining the multitude of body parts and clothing items they modeled. There are over 85 clothing pieces and 50 body parts spanning over both genders.



A view on Flotsam with our first wallpaper

Flotsam Wallpaper

We’ve been busy working on the site for Flotsam, including the painting that will go on top. Here’s a little preview of that!
It also shows a nice updated version of what we want the game to look like, including some of the actual buildings like the shipyard, windmills and lighthouse.

We’ve made some wallpaper versions for you to enjoy as well, which you can download here:

1920×1080 & 2560×1440