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We make imaginative and quirky games with a strong artistic vision

Dave Van Verdegem
Dave Van VerdegemCo-Founder / Coder
I actually started out as an artist with a background in animation production. After working on some studio projects in the film industry and game projects like 42 Stories, I’m now coding on Flotsam.
Juda-Ben Gordier
Juda-Ben GordierCo-Founder / Artist
I like to draw weird dudes and funny monsters. I funnel the urge to create in my pretty spreadsheets.

I act as Character Artist and Project Manager for Pajama Llama.

When given the opportunity, I would wear Llama-themed clothing day-in and day-out.

Stan Loiseaux
Stan LoiseauxCo-Founder / Artist
I’m a traditional animator who switched to game design, concept and 3D art. After working at Guerrilla Games for a short while I decided to pursue indie. I act as the environment artist and generalist on Flotsam.