Flotsam Early Access Roadmap

Flotsam’s roadmap is a living one.
There’s many things we want to do with Flotsam. We’ve headed into Early Access to craft the game together with the community and as such this Roadmap is a living being that will change depending on feedback and how the game moves forward.

Here’s the roadmap in text form:

Community Feedback

This patch we’ll be looking at adding highly requested features by the community. Our main goal will be increasing control on drifter tasks, improve hauling and overall AI improvement. We’ll also be implemented more control over storage, new visuals, closer zoom (!) ..and more!

  • Better Hauling
  • Better Priorities
  • Better Tasks
  • Storage Control
  • Extra Animations
  • Closer Zoom
  • ..and more!

Day / Night

  • Day/Night Cycle
  • Schedule
  • Daily Reports
  • Better Sleep
  • ..and more!

Simple Weather

  • Weather System
  • Weather Effects
  • Weather-dependent Buildings
  • ..and more!


  • Player Goals
  • Ecological Town
  • ..and more!


  • Post-Goals Patches still TBD