About Dave Van Verdegem

I started out as an artist with a background in animation production. After working on some studio projects in the film industry and game projects like 42 Stories, I’m now coding on Flotsam.

Llamas Sailing Out

Ahoy! It’s been a long time since another update… Let’s change that! […]

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And the Belgium Game Award goes to… Hexjack!

Hexjack has won the first Belgian Student Game Award! Last weekend the first ever Belgian Game Awards took place. Of course Pajama Llama Games being Belgian we wouldn’t miss that for the world! We couldn’t participate yet because Flotsam is still in development. Luckily we were joined by two talented interns recently. One [...]

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A view on Flotsam with our first wallpaper

We've been busy working on the site for Flotsam, including the painting that will go on top. Here's a little preview of that!It also shows a nice updated version of what we want the game to look like, including some of the actual buildings like the shipyard, windmills and lighthouse. We've made some wallpaper [...]

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