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The World Update is out!

Hey Drifters, We have the pleasure of announcing the release of our newest patch, the World Update! The world update reworks the town-traveling in a major way that opens up the game. Take to the seas with your new townheart, move to any location, grow your own seaweed and more! If you want to [...]

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We have a new trailer!

We are happy to announce that Flotsam is coming to Early Access on the 26th of September 2019! Watch the new trailer here: We're hoping to you will come along this journey with us! There'll be a lot more quirky stuff to share in the coming weeks, if you [...]

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Making the Desalinator – Part 1

This blogpost I will be giving a quick look into our 3D pipeline for Flotsam by through the process of making the desalinator! I originally started showing this process in a twitter thread, if you prefer a more bullet-point approach.. check it out here. Concepting When sketching out a building concept for Flotsam we keep [...]

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Designing friendly fish

Designing sea creatures part 2: Designing doesn’t always go smoothly. There are many brick walls, times you’d hit your head against the wall and moments where you keep telling yourself to rework everything. For the friendly, regular fish in Flotsam, I’ve gone through every one of these phases. These fish [...]

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Designing sea creatures for Flotsam: Part 1

Dangers of the garbage islands Lately I’ve been exploring lots of different design ideas for creatures that might appear in the game. I’d like to show a glimpse into this process, so here is the first entry in a series about the art of Flotsam! […]

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