Trifox is a top-down twin stick action adventure game inspired by classic platform games. You play as a genius fox who takes victory over its enemies by using his wits in different unique combat styles! Trifox is being developed by Glowfish Interactive, who asked us to do some of the concept art for [...]

Ava and Trix!


Ava and Trix! The Curious Cats team needed developers for their educational game "Ava & Trix". The app is a step forward into educating science and technology and creating an interest for young girls and boys in this field! We gladly poured their vision (and their beautiful art) into the first three episodes. The idea is [...]

Filthy and Guilty


Filthy and Guilty. “Filthy and Guilty” is a GameJam Game we made for the Ludum Dare 31 with the theme "One Screen". Time to complete: 72 Hours. Proudly won "best graphics" out of more than 1200 entries. Use your cop team to interrogate the crooks and find the location of the hidden bomb! [...]

Mascotte Design


7 Summits Adventure Park's mascot! Belgium's sport events organizer "The Outsider" needed a mascot for its adventure park 7 Summits! The adventure park is a place for climbing, kayaking and many other outdoor activities! Here are the character designs we provided. As well as a mock-up for a page on their site. [...]