Ava and Trix!

The Curious Cats team needed developers for their educational game “Ava & Trix”. The app is a step forward into educating science and technology and creating an interest for young girls and boys in this field! We gladly poured their vision (and their beautiful art) into the first three episodes.

The idea is that kids aged 8 – 11 can sit down in the class room and play through the episodes on a tablet, trying to solve a problem in the adventurous life of the two sisters “Ava” and “Trix”. These problems can only be solved through traditional scientific methods and testing.

The problems that occur in the episodes can easily be reconstructed and taught to the kids in a classroom with actual materials, bringing the experiment from the app to real life situations. In short, Ava & Trix combines learning and fun and it combines gaming with real life situations.

Ava & Trix has already been introduced in more than 300 schools in Flanders.

We developed all three episodes, art was made and provided by the Curious Cats team. Back-end developed by Triangle Factory.

You can read more at: Ava and Trix.