Flotsam Early Access Roadmap

Flotsam’s roadmap is a living one.
There’s many things we want to do with Flotsam. We’ve headed into Early Access to craft the game together with the community and as such this Roadmap is a living being that will change depending on feedback and how the game moves forward.

Here’s the roadmap in text form:

World Update

The world update reworks the town-traveling in a major way and opens up the game.

  • Procedural Map
  • Move to any location
  • Overworld view
  • New townheart
  • Oil Refinery construction
  • Seaweed Grower construction
  • New variations: Fish Sticks, Large Drying Rack, Medium Storage
  • ..and more!


This patch we’re reworking the Seagulls and adding a construction to control them better.

  • Seagull rework
  • Birdhouse construction


This patch we’re taking a look at improving building in Flotsam.

  • Improve walkway building
  • Improve construction snapping
  • Construction boundaries
  • ..and more!