Juda-Ben Gordier
Juda-Ben GordierArtist

I like to draw weird dudes and funny monsters. I funnel the urge to create in my pretty spreadsheets.

I act as Character Artist and Project Manager for Pajama Llama.

When given the opportunity, I would wear Llama-themed clothing day-in and day-out.

Stan Loiseaux
Stan LoiseauxArtist

I’m a traditional animator who switched to game design, concept and 3D art. After working at Guerrilla Games for a short while I decided to pursue indie. I act as the environment artist and generalist on Flotsam.

Ferry Keesom
Ferry KeesomProgrammer

I started working in the games industry of Amsterdam in 2010, after that I’ve worked at several Belgian studios until starting at Pajama Llama in 2018 as a programmer. Additionally, I’m active as game designer and producer within the team.